Here is the listening digital music page of the music created, written and published by the artist Christopher Shellhammer. You can click on any image to listen to the preview of the song before purchasing it. See below, pass the profile picture of the artist.

Artist Christopher Shellhammer

Three recent self-titled albums are below, click each image to see the preview of the new album released in September 2022 “Christmas Album”, July 2022 “Christopher Shellhammer 2” and the previously released in 2021 “Christopher Shellhammer”.

You can use and/or to direct to here. The digital music listing is below. Click each image to listen to the preview of the songs before purchasing. The songs below listed first is the latest release.

My other website for artworks, prints and biography is:

All Music Videos click here: Christopher Shellhammer – Topic – YouTube

Here you can find all of Christopher Shellhammer’s music/lyrics officially published by the music publisher. Click the link:

Christmas and Holidays songs are below.

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